New to Prevea360 Health Plan

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Starting a new health plan can be complicated

We make it easy

Here's what you need to do so you can get the most out of being a member of our health plan.

Choose your provider

Pick your primary care provier (PCP) now. Then scheduling a doctor visit later will be easier.
  • Find a Location
  • Find a doctor
Schedule a visit
Schedule an annual preventive office visit. If you need care before that, use our online directory to find a primary care clinic.

Transfer your medical records from your old clinic. Use the Authorization to Release Protected Health Information form that's in your New Member Guide.

Choose the right care

When do you go to your PCP? When do you go to urgent care or emergency room? Or do you try Virtual Care? 

Usually, your first choice for care should be your PCP. Your provider is most familiar with you and your medical history. Plus, an office visit provides the most cost-effective care.

Find out more about getting the right care in the right place. 

Care management

Find community resources or get help managing your help. See how care management's free program can help you. 

Find community resources Manage your health