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Special enrollment

Have you had a life event change?

Open enrollment is Nov. 1 - Jan. 15 each year. Outside the open enrollment period, you can enroll in new coverage or make changes to your existing policy only if you have a certain life event that qualifies you for a special enrollment period. This information applies to Individual/Family policies purchased directly from Dean Health Plan or through an insurance agent. If you receive your insurance through your employer, contact your benefits administrator.

Key terms

Qualifying event

A change in life that makes an individual or a family eligible to enroll in or make a change to health coverage outside of the regular open enrollment period.

Enrollment period

The amount of time you have to enroll in or make a change to your health insurance coverage after the qualifying event takes place. Most qualifying events have a 60-day enrollment period.

Effective coverage date

This is the date health insurance coverage begins. This date depends on the qualifying event.

For example, coverage for a new spouse begins the first day of the month after the change.

Qualifying events

Loss of coverage

What are my next steps?

The process to make changes to your plan depends on where you purchase your health insurance:

  • If you are eligible for financial assistance and/or you currently have a plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace (Exchange), make changes at
  • If you want to purchase a new plan—including subsidy-eligible Marketplace plans — see available plans.
  • If you are unsure where you purchased your plan and/or want to make a change to your existing Prevea360 Health Plan policy, call us at 877-357-3173.

This website provides information on special enrollment periods only for members who have purchased an ACA–compliant individual plan and may not be applicable if you are remaining on your non-ACA compliant individual plan. Additionally, this website may not include all special enrollment periods for which you may be eligible. 

For more information please review your Individual Policy and Benefit Summary if you have individual coverage via the member portal. If you purchased your health plan on the Health Insurance Marketplace, please note that you will be required to make any changes on