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Living Healthy rewards

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We’ll reward you for your healthy lifestyle

  • Choose the healthy activities you want to complete.
  • Each completed activity is worth reward points. 
  • Rewards come in the form of gift card(s) to your choice of many national retailers, restaurants and other popular merchants. All points must be redeemed by Dec. 31, 2024.

View your account on our member portal by clicking the 'Living Healthy' link after logging on:

Here's how it works:


Well-being activities

Health AssessmentPoints
Complete Health Assessment 
Q1-Q2, points 500
Q3-Q4, points 250
Preventive services (auto credit based on claims) 
Annual preventive visit500
Breast cancer screening500
Cervical cancer screening500
Colorectal cancer screening500
Diabetes testing
Hep C screening250
Lipid panel250

Check with your Primary Provider (PCP) to determine if you are due for any preventive services. Complete the necessary services during the 2024 calendar year, and points will be assigned automatically once your claim has been processed.

Members remain eligible for the 2024 Living Healthy Program Rewards while quarter four service claims are received and processed throughout quarter one of 2025. Claims processing may take up to three months.

Learn more about preventive benefits versus non-preventive services. 

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Living Healthy Portal activities
Various challenges
Participate in a variety of monthly challenges to earn points. You can find details about monthly challenges after logging in to WebMD.
Daily Habits
Complete one Daily Habit plan per month and earn 150 points. You may earn a maximum of 1,800 points per calendar year. 
150 points
Track 150 minutes of exercise minutes a week
Earn up to 2,600 points per year.
50 points
Track 1K Steps Daily
Earn up to 90 points per calendar quarter.
1 per day
Track 2K Steps Daily
Earn up to 180 points per calendar quarter. 
2 per day
Track 3K Steps Daily
Earn up to 270 points per calendar quarter. 
3 per day
Track 4K Steps Daily
Earn up to 360 points per calendar quarter.
4 per day
Track 5K Steps Daily
Earn up to 450 points per calendar quarter. 
5 per day
Track 6K Steps Daily
Earn up to 540 points per calendar quarter. 
6 per day
Track 7K Steps Daily
Earn up to 630 points per calendar quarter. 
7 per day
Track 8K Steps Daily
Earn up to 720 points per calendar quarter.
8 per day
Track 9K Steps Daily
Earn up to 810 points per calendar quarter. 
9 per day
Track 10K Steps - Daily 
Earn up to 900 points per calendar quarter.
10 points
Track Sleep - Daily
Earn up to 900 points per calendar quarter.
10 points
Login to WebMD ONE 
Earn up to 260 points per calendar year just for logging into WebMD.
5 points
Well-being activities
Complete wellness page activities 
Book Club, Learning Loft, Move with a Doc, Nicotine Cessation, REAL Goals, or Wellness Webinars. Complete one activity per month and earn 15 points. Earn up to 180 points per calendar year
15 points
Environmental Wellness
Engage in ways to protect the environment each month and earn 15 points. Earn up to 180 points per calendar year.
15 points
Preventive Health Toolkit 
Complete a preventive health toolkit once a month and earn 15 points. Earn up to 180 points per calendar year
15 points
Engage in your Community 
Volunteer, show gratitude and explore parks. Complete an activity once a month and earn 15 points. Earn up to 180 points per calendar year
15 points
Discuss and submit an Advance Directive to your Primary Care Provider
100 points
Manage your Mental Health50 points
Where to get the right care
50 points
Dental Visit (Q1-Q2)50 points
Dental Visit (Q3-Q4)50 points

Adult Dependents

Adult children (ages 18 and older) covered under a family member's policy may earn rewards with Dean Health Plan's Living Healthy Rewards program.
Adult dependent points are the same for members, except the Online Health Assessment.

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Rewards for covered adult children: Covered adult children (ages 18 and older) can earn points for completing healthy activities, however, they are not required to complete the Health Assessment. Rewards for this activity are excluded from the rewards program due to changes made by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Final Rule on Employer Wellness Programs and the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA). Covered adult children may continue and are encouraged to complete the health assessment within their Living Healthy portal for their own benefit, however, regulations prevent Prevea360 Health Plan from rewarding this activity as of January 1, 2017.
Check with your plan administrator for reward offerings specific to your plan. Living Healthy rewards are not applicable for level-funded plans at this time. Prevea360 Health Plan reserves the right to validate each healthy activity you submit for reward points at any time.

Only Prevea360 Health Plan members age 18 and older are eligible for Living Healthy rewards. Your employer may be required to report health plan-issued incentives as taxable income. Prevea360 Health Plan is required to report incentive payment information to your employer. Your health information is protected by federal law and will not be shared with your employer.

Redeeming your points 
All points must be redeemed by Dec. 31, 2024. Be sure you submit your assessment and complete your activities before that date. It can take up to three days to receive your link to redeem your points. If you wait too long to complete your activities, you might not receive your points before the current reward year ends.