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Patient safety

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Helping you be safe

All of us at Prevea360 are committed to giving you information so you can take an active role in providing the safest care possible.

Patient safety monitoring and activities

Here are some of the ways we address patient safety:

  • Send messages to providers about member activity (controlled substance monitoring, combos of benzos/opioids/muscle relaxers, multi-prescriber, multi-prescription).
  • Review drug utilization and provide it to pharmacies alerting them of medications dispensed in various situations (drug-drug interactions, high dose, low dose, underuse, insufficient/excessive duration, patient-age, morphine milligram equivalent).
  • Provide clinic resource funds to map out current care transitions processes after a patient is discharged from the hospital. It helps identify barriers and opportunities for improving hospital readmissions.
  • Create a 30-day care transitions program for reducing hospital readmissions.
  • Create a provider education strategy focused on understanding HEDIS measures and promoting communication between primary care providers who order metabolic testing and behavioral health prescription of antipsychotic medications.
  • Establish Gone for Good program to educate the community on proper storage and disposal of prescription medications, including opioids.

Safe medication practices

A report by the Institute of Medicine suggests that safe medication practices contribute to improved patient safety and better health. Encourage your patients to take these steps to reduce several steps to reduce the risk associated with medication errors, including:

  • Making sure your health care practitioner knows all of the medicines you are taking, including vitamins and herbs.
  • Ensuring you can read the prescription from your provider. If you can’t read it, it is possible that the pharmacist can’t either.
  • Asking for written information about possible side effects of the medicines you are taking.

Learn more about how you can help reduce medication errors

Check out online resources available to help you make good decisions about your own health and health care. Quality and patient safety data is available from many organizations, including the Wisconsin Hospital Association and The Leapfrog Group.

Prevea360 Health Plan encourages all hospitals in our network to report their data. 

Additional resources: